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Sample Article Business Jet Attorney: Cost and Benefit Analysis

The convenience of owning a corporate jet is something a growing number of companies have learned can be an indispensable asset in building their business. A business jet attorney can review a business’s corporate structure and determine the net costs of owning a private jet aircraft after deductions under current U.S. tax laws.

Many businesses have discovered that having a private plane is an affordable way to conduct their most time sensitive business activities anywhere on the globe.

The most commonly cited benefit of corporate jet ownerships is the ability to schedule your own departure and itinerary at a moment’s notice for a top executive or a team of professionals.

Commercial aviation oftentimes may not have seat available for a team of professionals’ under short notice. Another factor is that a business jet can land at smaller less congested regional airports which historically offer quick transfer time to motor vehicles and to the final destination.

Dealing with time consuming connecting flights, may make travel impractical. If a corporation’s top brass has to go without sleep or spend worthless hours waiting for unreliable connecting flights the quality of their business can truly suffer.  

Being cheap by traveling commercial can be very expensive when a meeting is missed or canceled due to unreliable air travel.

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