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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?


 Search engine optimization also know by its acronym SEO is the process of improving a websites ranking within the search engine result pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords or keyword phrases. The purpose of SEO is that the earlier a website is shown in the search results, or the higher it “ranks” in the search engines, the more visitors or traffic will come to the website.

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If you’ve done any research or looked at your competition’s websites you’ve probably noticed that some websites rank higher in major search engines even when they are not well designed. The reason for their high ranking is because they’ve employed SEO techniques on their website that is relevant to what search engine spiders or robots are looking for.  In simple terms, search engine spiders crawl the web constantly and feed pages to search engines.  Our goal is to make sure that when the spiders crawl, your site is well optimized so it will be listed high in search engines.  In addition, since most web pages contain links to other pages, a spider also sees a link to another page on your website and retrieves it, making your optimization even better.  Larger search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have many spiders working together all the time.  Based on the way search engines work, our Dallas search engine optimization firm makes sure all the pages on your web site are well optimized and easily found on the Internet.

Improving Your Ranking in Major Search Engines

In the search engine marketing industry it has been said that “Search Engine Optimization is a marathon not a sprint“. Many website owners become impatient and grow frustrated and either give up early or use techniques that have a high risk to reward ratio. Many companies want to change and change and change their websites until they get to the top. They keep testing new ideas and hope that a few of them will catch on. That is smart marketing, but as far as SEO goes you will want to wait a few months after your initial optimization before you really start changing anything.

In order to bring more traffic to your website and to rank higher in search engines, there are many things to consider when it comes to SEO. For visitors to find your web site, there are high tech search engine optimization strategies that must be in place.  By way of illustration, besides a site being user friendly, it should be easy to navigate and appealing to the visitor.  But, even more important to search engine optimization are link building, having keywords, descriptions, content and titles, appropriately and efficiently placed within your website to be sure your site is effectively optimized.  When these tools are successfully implemented, your site’s chances for better rankings are greatly improved. 

What to Look For in a Search Engine Optimization Company

In today’s Internet-oriented world, many companies are SEO providers or provide some type of SEO services.  Some can help a company rank higher in search engines, while others may be less than forthright and utilize techniques that can end up hurting your website ranking rather than helping.  So, how do you find a SEO provider that produces good results?  To determine whether a company is credible and ethical and can really help you rank higher in search engines, you must pay attention to the SEO company’s results, their reputation and their processes. If the SEO service provider can show you results and they are a company of integrity then they are a company to choose. 

To learn more about our search engine optimization services, we are available to provide you with a no-obligation consultation.   Contact us today at 813 944-3190.

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