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Attorneys: Why you may want another website….

There are very few ways to invest in your law practice that can produce long term upside at a cost that is affordable.

Types of Marketing Investments (Annual Expense)

• Hire a new employee to do marketing or PR $25K to $50k
• Open a new office to build foot traffic $40k to $200k
• Billboard Advertising $12k to $40k
• Yellow Pages $5k to $10k
• Google Pay Per Click $5k to $10k
• Direct Mail $3k to $10k
• TV Adverting $20k to $60k


Build another (niche) Law Firm Website for $1,499 (one time cost)

The sad news is that most marketing options are a short term “crap shoot” at best and a contractual money pit at worse.

The characteristic that nearly all marketing strategies share is that when you stop feeding the alligator, revenues come to a screeching halt. Nobody remembers the direct mail piece or the TV ad you ran 6 months ago. The long term residual benefits when you turn the spigot off, is pretty close to zero.

Having an additional website that generates traffic and makes the phone ring is a much different story. In the digital world, having more than one website is analogous to have another billboard or TV ad running telling your story.

But actually a well-designed website can be much, much more. It can be your most valuable employee who works 24/7, year after year. Websites don’t require health insurance, ask for a raise or complain. A website is the only marketing platform you can OWN and CONTROL, 100% of the messaging indefinitely with few strings attached.

A productive website can be your partner and help educate your clientele and save you time and give your law practice leverage. You can personalize videos at a tiny fraction of the cost of a TV ad and have those video’s telling your unique story. It’s really a whole new paradigm that most attorneys (including your competitors) have yet to scratch the surface of.

The Marketing ACID Test

“Talk” is cheap in marketing. Nearly everyone and their sister spew marketing tips that sound exciting in theory but melt away in the sunshine of reality. Very few marketing strategies can show verifiable evidence that something really, really, really, works.

That’s what you should demand before you spend your next dollar on marketing. Producing results is the only reason we are in business.

Here is what our client says about us… (It’s more valuable than anything we can say)

Attorney Jay Hait, as posted on our Linkedin profile

“I was skeptical of hiring somebody to do SEO work for me because I had been burned in the past. Brian not only brought one of my sites to the top position in Google for one of my main keywords within a month, and not only has it stayed there for two years already, but Brian also taught me how to set-up and promote and maximize WordPress sites for Google – I now have 11 legal-niche sites all up and ranking in Google and promoting my law office – all due to what Brian taught me.”

Success in marketing is not a fluke. That why we invite to review our 18 client recommendations on Linkedin.
Call Brian French at  813 944-3190 or e-mail to arrange a zero cost marketing consultation. You have nothing to lose but the opportunity.

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