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The Dirt on Law Firm Marketing

It’s no secret that gold mining and sales “prospecting” are similar processes, they even share the same vocabulary. But if you gave a person a valuable gold mine or a great marketing opportunity only a few would know what to do with it.

Novice marketing people and rookie miners get giddy about having a fortune of gold just a reach away, but many don’t like the idea of using heavy equipment or getting their hands dirty.  They just want the pay dirt without the dirt or the work.

The richest gold claims (and best sales professions) in the World are nearly all dirt. Processing dirt and washing rocks is what sales professionals and gold miners do every day. The goal is too effectively separate the precious (sales) gold from the useless tons of rocks, gravel and dirt. While the process may sound primitive it’s actually a very, very sophisticated recovery process. If you think it’s; easy, cheap or not intellectually challenging, you’re not in the profession.

Every successful company must sell a product or service. Every product sale starts with prospecting. The goal of all advertising is to “wash rock” and to process enough shinny stuff out the other end to feed the crew. It’s the same process for Procter and Gamble as it is for your law practice. But the deeper you go into understanding “the recovery process” the more amazed you will become of the shear genius involved in doing it well.

Good sales prospecting is all about efficiency and not throwing out any gold. Good sales professionals are student scientists of human psychology, habits and behavior. Because the illusive gold they are hunting is people and the “good stuff” usually doesn’t want to be found.

Be prepared to run a lot of good dirt

When I ask people how much “material” they have to run through their sales sluice box many times they look at me funny. They often reply, “I get most of clients from referrals” which is basically, a self-aggrandizing way of saying “I have no; prospecting lists, no sluice box or sales process, whatever nugget that falls in my lap, I call sales”. But it should be obvious that the genesis of all referral growth, are new clients who provide those referrals.

All marketing strategies run dirt through a wash plant. A TV advertisement that reaches a million people may only “pan out” a hundred legitimate leads. That’s going through 99.99% dirt to find one spec of gold.  If you don’t like getting your hands dirty hire someone who does.

Prospect Client Database Building – Supersize it!

For many professions the best pay dirt is creating a large data base list of qualified potential customers. When we consult with our clients regarding client data lists building there are two rules.

#1.  Quality. Only good names make it on the list.

#2. Think big.  The initial goal is to increase the amount of material you process through your sales wash plant should increase by 10 fold. So if you currently have a prospect list of 50 your first goal is the increase it to 500. Have 500 qualified leads on your prospect list? Your goal is now 5,000. Have 5,000 subscribers to your newsletter, great! Your new goal is 50,000.

If you want the know our successful tips in learning how to grow your prospect list 10 fold call Brian French for a free consultation at 813 944-3190 or e-mail Brian at

After we find the 10 fold increase of material the next step will be to optimize your marketing wash plant.

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